ESSA State Plans: Perspectives from National Association of State Boards of Education members

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Connie Fletcher: Washington's ESSA Plans

NASBE Member Connie Fletcher joins Pat McGuinn to detail the work that Washington's policymakers have done in developing and conceptualizing their Every Student Succeeds Act plans. In particular, Fletcher walks McGuinn through the revision process that Washington has followed as it prepares to submit its plan.

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In a partnership with National Association of State Board of Education, the CPRE Knowledge Hub presents this series on ESSA State Plans. Drew University Professor and CPRE Researcher Pat McGuinn sits down with four National Association of State Board of Education members to talk about their current thought processes when it comes to the drafting of the state plans for the Every Student Succeeds Act.

He interviews State Board members from Washington State, Arizona, Nebraska, and Ohio before providing a recap of the series with CPRE Co-Director Jonathan Supovitz. 

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If you want to learn more, check out the following federal and state level documents and resources regarding ESSA, as well as research on how states have navigated other federal statues such as No Child Left Behind.