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Kirabo Jackson’s work on school-teacher fit influences the discussion around teacher labor markets by describing the manner in which teachers move from school to school in search of a place that fits with what they are looking for as teachers. Check the video out here. In the current market, Jackson believes that the way that teachers are paid off for success is being able to continue this matching process, rather than being fiscally compensated. From your position in education, how does understanding this concept of school-teacher fit impact your outlook? What are the downsides?

Do you think the findings can be generalized to other states?

This is a great video. It has convinced me that job fit is an important component of teacher's performance. It passes the intuition test that a teacher's (or an employee's) performance is likely to be better at a job that they feel is a good match. I am curious about how Professor Jackson measures teacher-student, teacher-colleague, and teacher-principal fit in the paper or how this could be measured. As well, I am wondering if as teachers become more experienced they tend to leave a specific school type. If so, then there still may be a shortage of high-quality teachers at specific types of schools even if teacher fit is optimized. The video has inspired me to go print and read his article!