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To Pay a Superstar: Performance Incentives with Matthew G. Springer

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I really enjoyed this conversation. The video made me curious - are teacher value-added scores relatively static over-time or do they change? Could a teacher in the 25th percentile, as Professor Springer mentions, over-time become a teacher in the 84th percentile, as they gain more experience teaching for instance. Also, he mentioned seeing a 20% improvement in teacher retention within priority schools for teachers in the highest-rated performance category (level 5). But of this 20% what proportion stayed in the same school as compared to moving to a different priority school? I ask because we're concerned not just about teacher retention across high priority schools in general but within specific schools. Does Professor Springer have any thoughts on if a larger incentive could help retain other high-performing teachers? How could qualitative and classroom observation data be used to unpack the rationale behind high-performing teachers retention and exit?

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