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‘Cradle to Career’ Continuum: Supporting ECE in Washington State

After a decade of legislation, Washington’s widely publicized “McCleary” suit came to end this summer. The suit, which alleged that the state had violated its constitution by underfunding education, was met with a new statewide funding plan and billions of dollars in new funding for K-12 education. Despite those advances, however, Gov. Jay Inslee and Washington education officials say the state's work is not done. 

In this edition of Policy Matters, Senior Policy Advisor RaShelle Davis discusses Inslee’s continuing efforts to improve Washington’s public education system, including new support for early learning and the creation of a new Department of Children, Youth, and Families. Part of the 2018 CPRE Knowledge Hub/NGA Interview Series, filmed at the 2018 Governors’ Education Policy Advisors Institute in Little Rock, AR.